Halfords Gift Cards

The perfect way to reward and engage your employees, customers and partners – support and inspire their journeys.

Halfords Gift Cards are there for the moments that matter.

About gift cards

A gift card for all occasions

Whether you’re rewarding employee performance or welcoming clients to your brand, Halfords Gift Cards open a world of opportunity.

We’re here to inspire and support your giftees though a lifetime of motoring and cycling, whether it’s a first bike, or taking the pressure off the price of an MOT.

How can Halfords help?

20 years of experience

We have worked with a wide range of businesses and built up our expertise in developing campaigns for countless sectors driving incremental growth for clients in insurance, finance, leisure, technology and automotive.

Our team of experts can help you develop exciting campaign across customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, gestures of goodwill. membership and employee benefits.

Halfords Gift Card options

Flexible Gift Card options to suit your needs

Gift cards can be loaded with anything up to £2500. Recipients can redeem online or in store, and access the full range of products available at Halfords.

Our gift card portal allows the option to API, for instant access. This self-serve solution allows e-Gift Cards to be delivered instantly to your employees or customers.

Halfords Gift Cards

Want your giftees to experience the joy of a tangible gift? A joyful Halfords physical gift card can be ordered as one-offs or in bulk.

Halfords e-Gift Cards

Instant and user-friendly, Halfords e-Gift Cards can be ordered online and emailed individually to your selected recipients. They can then be spent in store or online instantly. You also have the opportunity to add a personalised message.

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